What Are Our

AEI is a leading supplier of equipment to the Oil & Gas Industries in Iran.


offer a wide range of products especially but not limited to the process sectors of Oil Refineries, Petrochemical Plants, and Gas Refineries.

Shall & Tube, and Breech
lock Heat Exchangers

Special shell, and tube Heat Exchangers for applications in the process sector of Oil and Gas Refineries, and Petrochemical Industries including Harpin Type, and Breech Lock Exchangers. The offered Heat exchangers are specially used in severe conditions in terms of high temperature, pressure, and corrosive environments. Their material can range from carbon steel to exotic alloys based on customer requirements.


High Pressure Reactors, and Pressure Vessels for different Petrochemical Processes including LDPE, HDPE, Urea & Ammonia Plants, Methanol Plants, Fertilizer Plants etc. The offered Reactors include Hydrotreating Heavy Wall Reactors, and Regenerators etc. to Oil Refineries.

Special Process Valves

Special Process Valves are used for the applications in Oil Refineries, and Petrochemical plants for processes where severe conditions are to be met including high temperatures, high pressure, highly corrosive environment, and special materials. The offered valves include valves for reactor and regenerator control like spent catalyst, regen catalyst, special forged valves, line valves, and ball valves.

High Purity, calibration,
and Specialty

Specialty Gas mixtures with mixtures in ppm level and related balance gases, high purity gases in grade five, and grade six level of purity, and also calibration gases supplied in Aluminum disposable cylinders for the calibration of analyzers, detectors, and other related applications from European Sources.

Environmental packages
for the emission control
of factory tail gases

Special equipment are offered for the controlling of the emissions released from factory tail gases which are harmful for the environment. The offered equipment is able to absorb fumes, aerosols, and particles even those particles which are below 2.5 microns. These equipment have also applications in processes where impurities in the gas should be removed before it enters mixing processes etc. like Sulfuric Acid plants


Electric & Pneumatic Control Valves, Self-Acting Temperature Controls, and Controlling & Monitoring Systems in general for controlling the flow and pressure of liquids and steam throughout industrial process industries.

Cryogenic Equipment

Cryogenic equipment including Cryogenic tanks for LIN, LOX, LAR, LNG, CO2, Semi-trailers, Vaporizers, and other ancillary equipment from European sources.